Thyssen Homeglide Stairlifts

Allcare Stairlifts are premium suppliers and installation specialists of Thyssen Homeglide Strairlifts throughout Castleford, Pontefract, Ferrybridge, Normanton, Featherstone and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire. Consulting with ergonomic experts and existing stairlift owners has made the Thyssen Homeglide’s design simple, sturdy and above all capable of meeting your accessibility requirements. Move between all levels of your home in comfort and safety.

Thyssen Homeglide stairlifts fitted from £1795 Includes 2 year warranty

The Thyssen Homeglide’s simplicity allows this stairlift to be installed in your home very quickly whilst fitted directly to the stairs cleanly and discreetly. With remote control handsets, the Thyssen Homeglide allows multiple users to call the stairlift from whichever level they are at in the home. Importantly, strairlifts with a battery operated system allow the chair to be functional during an unexpected power cut. Couple this with a smooth and quiet ride, its easy to see why the Thyssen Homeglide stairlift has been installed in many homes throughout the industry.

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Thyssen Homeglide Bottom of Stairs open Thyssen homeglide with woman Thyssen homeglide close up
Specifications mm
Total width 650
Seat width 480
Folding seat width 425
Footplate width 295
Overall height 963
Seat depth 415
Open depth 620
User weight 20 stones